DEXA Body Composition.

Most of our clients realise after one scan, how little they knew about their body…and were able to use the information to make impactful change to their lives!

People often confuse their weight loss with muscle loss which can impact on health. We look at your fat stores (including visceral fat where most disease likes to live), lean tissue and bone health – each of which are equally important in achieving optimal vitality and performance.

We use your DEXA Body Composition results to assess the impact of your nutrition, exercise, medical condition management and rehabilitation and is a good way to ensure your nutrition and exercise plan is getting results.

In just a few minutes, we can do a scan that gives you the complete picture that scales and bio-impedance machines can’t.  It is backed by science and able to be replicated to ensure consistent results.  We have tested elite sports teams such as the Broncos, the Roar and the Australian Cricket team but are more excited about ensuring everybody understands their body and how it works. 

Preparing for a DEXA Scan:

  • Fast overnight & morning of scan – No food/fluids after dinner (min 8 hours), no breakfast and definitely no morning coffee/fluids.
  • Be adequately hydrated – 1 to 2 glasses of water with each meal and snack the day before will ensure you are adequately hydrated & remember, no fluids the morning of the scan (see fasting above).
  • Do NOT exercise the day before (preferable) and day of your scan.
  • Ensure adequate carbohydrate intake the day before your scan (A low carbohydrate diet, recently reduced carbohydrate intake or heavy training session the day prior can increase the risk of depleted muscle glycogen stores. This can make your measured muscle mass lower than what it actually is.)

The day of the scan you need to:

  • Empty your bladder before the scan.
  • Wear clothing that doesn’t have any metal (zips, hooks, buttons or details) – gowns are available.

Initial DEXA Body Composition Scan with consult for $75 (Subsequent tests $50)
or DEXA + Metabolic Test + VO2 Test for $175

Like to know how our regenerative approach
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