Programs for life.

Nutrition and movement for every stage and every age.

We are not going to sugar coat it… as a result of working with Red Radiology, we see bodies that need better guidance every day.  Whether sporty or a tad less active, so many of the musculoskeletal issues seen come back to movement, food and managing pain.  Many of the sporting injuries we see are so easily fixed by applying the right techniques. 

Our approach uses the latest technology with an evidence-based practice in a way that recognises your bio-individuality.

Many of our clients say:

“I wish I knew this 10, 20, 50 years ago…it’s affordable and achievable!”

From managing pain through to performance, we offer a range of tailored programs just for you.

Nourish with knowledge.

Managing your weight is about 75% food and 25% exercise. Starting with an accurate, evidence based plan which offers a positive relationship with food is an effective place to start.

Even healthy eaters are surprised about what they didn’t know. This service is offered with no judgement… just support and can cater to all dietary choices.


Fact: Most active/sporty people are not fuelling their bodies to take them to the next level. If anything, many are fuelling in a way that can entice injury rather than avoid it.

We create a plan as unique as you are for every age and every stage.
Movement for every stage + age.

Training with an Exercise Physiologist almost gives you an unfair advantage. You learn how to move, advance and most importantly avoid injury.

Activity modification is often under-utilised in the treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. At RedfiX we aim to help you understand movement to help you perform better.

Like to know how our regenerative approach
can help you feel your best?


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